Our Story

In 2006, we were living in Orange County. While we have nothing against Orange County, it’s just not San Diego. So, strapped for cash, we decided to do whatever we could to acquire an empty lot in East County San Diego. Our thinking was that at a minimum, we’d always have that and one day we could for sure return to live in San Diego.

On our very first real-estate trip, we stumbled upon the vineyard. Actually, it was a horse ranch back then. The prior owners even used to race at Del Mar. The main house has a view all the way down to the Coronado Bay Bridge and 360-degree mountain views. It was stunning. It was not at all reasonable for us to think we could afford it.

We bought it, and two weeks after we moved in, Charity got an incredible job offer in Massachusetts. We put all of our belongings in storage and moved out there. Then the real estate market tanked, but we still held on. We loved the house, we loved Alpine, and we had a dream to make wine and to raise kids there.

As everyone knows, it took many years but the market recovered, and in those years, we found our way back to our “new” home. It took a few more years of both of us working, but now is the time! We are building a vineyard and a winery. We’ll be posting updates related to the business and to our family. They go hand in hand; and we hope you’ll enjoy following our progress.